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Hey Puck Hunters! The KJ's Ice Barn #PuckHunt is taking a break. We will get back in the swing of things before you know it. Check here and our social media for more information to come.


Find hints and clues here on our website and social media pages. But be warned, some hints are only available for 24 hours. Once they are gone, they are gone. We will announce prizes for pucks as we hide them. Please be sure to read the rules!

Good Luck on your #PuckHunt!

#PuckHunt RULES

  1. Pucks may be hidden indoors or outdoors around our community. This includes local businesses.

  2. When hints are gone, they are gone. Some prizes will be in a scavenger hunt style. All hints must be found in the correct order to receive the prize!

  3. When found, the finder needs to take a selfie with the puck where it was found and send it to (435) 691-8015,, or any of our social media pages to claim their prize.

  4. If you are wearing a KJ's Ice Barn t-shirt or jersey, you are eligible for an additional prize. Get yours in our Merch Shop now!

  5. The puck must be returned for the winner to claim their prize.


Ice Texture


White Puck

An Ice Pass and a KJ's Ice Barn Sticker, a $15 value. 

Blue Puck

A KJ's Ice Barn T-Shirt and Sticker. a $25 value.

Silver Puck

Zamboni Ride


Month Pass

Gold Puck

A Party Pass


- Up to 10 skaters with rentals for a 2 hour ice session

- ONE batting cage session for up to 10 people 

- ONE Zamboni ride for the guest of honor

- A visit from Freddy the Yeti.
Party pass is a $75 value.


Previous Winners


Freddy the Yeti
Drawing Contest

Our Freddy the Yeti Drawing Contest has closed. Thank you to everyone who participated. There is a lot of great and creative talent submitted! See the winners below.

1st Place

KJ's Ice Barn T-shirt, Family Ice Pass (good for up to 4 people), Zamboni Ride, & KJ's Ice Barn Sticker

2nd Place

Single Ice Pass, Zamboni Ride, & KJ's Ice Barn Sticker

3rd Place

Single Ice Pass & KJ's Ice Barn Sticker

Honorable Mentions

Everyone else who participated will receive a Single Ice Pass.

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